Friday, September 07, 2012

The Dreaded Yarn Diet

Yep, decided on a yarn diet right around my 33rd birthday back in July, just after I'd ordered 1100g of yarn from Knit Picks. I looked around the office/yarn room here, and realized I had no room left in which to put that order.

I have a small closet that's full to the brim, I have to carefully restack things when I go in there now. I've a dresser that's 3 drawers dedicated just to my Knit Picks yarn. I've handspun sitting on top of the boyfriend's bookshelf, and 5 WIPs on my desk.

Then I made the mistake of using the Excel function of Ravelry's stash page to see just how much I had (that was put into Ravelry).



Just under 30 kg. That's 66 pounds. Once I separated out the Knit Picks yarn (because I knew I had a fair bit), after including the birthday yarn once it arrived, that came to 6.18 kg, or 13.6 pounds. My sock yarn total is 15.9 kg/35 pounds.

So, I decided that instead of picking a set time, like a year, that most people seemed to do, since my main goal is to knit use up some of my prodigious stash, I'd set a weight limit.

One kilogram of Knit Picks yarn, and one kilogram of anything else. We'll see how long that takes me.

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