Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New Wheel!

Yay, my wheel arrived! Reward to myself for paying off my debts after 11 years!


My Schacht Ladybug. You can see my little ladybug just below the flyer on the mother-of-all.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spinning hemp.

After tooling around the Ravelry forums, I found a thread talking about drive bands for the Schacht wheels, and since I've just paid for a Ladybug on Sunday (squee!), I decided to have a look.

In it, one of the moderators mentioned making a spare drive band out of hemp, in a 2 x 2 cabled construction. Well, I happened to have 8 oz of hemp sitting around, that I got fro Aurora Silk a few years ago, and played with once, but then put away and mostly forgot about.

So I got inspired, and grabbed it and my Trindle, and started spinning. I'm wet spinning it at about a laceweight singles. I figure I'll spin maybe a half ounce, then 2-ply it, and then cable as many of that together as I need to get a size close to the driveband once my wheel arrives.

Hemp 1

And here's a closeup, with a quarter for scale:
Hemp closeup

I'll have to find some time in the next few weeks to finish it up, then start plying it.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Well, I've managed to get some knitting done. As of Sunday morning, I was halfway up the waist shaping. Olympics 2

And here's a picture of the whole thing, the left front so far:
Olympics 1

Click on either to see full size.

Since then, I'm now just past the waist shaping, and have 2 more wide stripes to go before starting the armscye. Considering I've read about 4 novels of Christopher Stasheff since Wednesday as well, I'm not doing too badly.

More pictures tomorrow, and hopefully Wednesday I'll have pictures of the left front blocking.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Knitting Olympics

Wow, hadn't realized it had been that long since I last posted here. IRC has been my main knitting/craft-related sharing service.

I've decided to join the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Olympics, with the Tempest sweater from Knitty. I'm knitting it in Fleece Artist BFL 2/8 in well, what I think are Mermaid and Amethyst, as the LYSs here don't actually label the colors.... so it's a guessing game, honestly.

Click on either for a bigger picture:
Fleece Artist - BFL 2-8 - AmethystFleece Artist - BFL 2-8 - Mermaid

I'm going to try and keep track of my progress here on the blog, and will also try to take pictures (something I tend to forget to do).

Last night I stayed up until 1:15 am to watch both the inside and outside torches be lit, to really be able to cast on once the flame started. I did manage to get 4 rows of the left front started before I dragged my arse to bed.

This morning I've so far purled the hem turning row (rather than do a sewed folded hem as per the pattern, I'm doing a knitted folded hem), and am 1 row past that. I hope to get up to the small stripes for the waist shaping by tonight. That will be a bit of a challenge in itself, as I also have to get around 6-7 hours of work done, plus some chores, and all the other fun stuff. At least the boyfriend (Conn) is working this evening, so I can sit and knit along with some classic rock.

Hope to post again tonight with pictures of my progress!