Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Okay, so I got started a little late. I simply forgot over the weekend, and didn't have time yesterday.

But tonight after both jobs, I managed to get about 10-15 yards spun of the merino/silk. My boyfriend, Conn, also works in the same room as me here at the apartment, and with the fans going, part of my drafted roving got blown over almost into his lap, and I pulled it back right away, as he was on a call (he does tech support), but his next time on mute, he's like, ooh, you got the fluffy soft stuff. He likes petting the fiber too.

Ended up breaking the yarn once, but I got it back together with no wastage, yay! I hate it when I end up having to take out a length of partially-spun yarn because it just isn't working back together properly.

Some of the yarn ended up a bit thinner than I wanted, but ah well, it's part of the character, eh?

Here's hoping I can get into more of a pattern of spinning as the days go on. I'll try for pictures tomorrow.

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