Thursday, July 10, 2008

Okay, I dug out the rest of this merino/silk from my stash, and my new goal for the Tour de Fleece is to spin the rest of this up. I just weighed it, there's 2.1 oz or 61 g left. I think that's reasonable for me to get done.

Here's a couple pictures. First is of the roving, of course. This is just the largest bit of it, not all 2.1 oz. I've already separated some of it out to be drafted. It's called Rose, I believe, from Ashland Bay Company, and it is a nice blend of grey and pink mostly, with bits of white, black and a dark rose throughout. I find that spinning it as fine as I do makes it hard to see the variations, but once it's plied up, you can still see a bit of the changing of thet colors, which I like. :)

This second picture is of the singles on my spindle. This is my first spindle I've owned, given to me at a class I took about 3 years ago. Well, actually, I did a tiny bit of spinning prior to that, but this is the first decent spindle I've owned. I've since made several more from dowels and toy wheels, they're somewhere in my bins with yarn on them. I really should dig those out sometime as well. Maybe if (hah!) I get this spinning done before the end of the Tour....

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