Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I weighed what I have of the second ply on the spindle yesterday, and was nicely surprised to see I have about 7 grams already spun! My spindle weighs 45 grams, which is a nice weight for me to do fairly fine yarns. I once spun some silk top into what a friend called 'frog's hair'.

Heck, at this rate, I might be able to start plying this weekend! That'd be awesome. Funny how things get done when you actually put time into them ;)

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Aaron said...

Aaron here, Laura's boyfriend from My dog has fleece. We'll try to get in touch with Master Henry at Pennsic. Will you be there too? Regarding the bottle, I mainly followed the directions at www.geocities.com/ladysveva/Leather/LeatherBottle.html
but there are other sites out there too. A nice set of directions is at leatherworker.net under the historical reenactment section. Most bottles that people are doing look more or less the same since they are all following the bottle found on the Mary Rose. Just google leather bottle and Mary Rose and you should get lots of hits.
Best wishes,