Saturday, October 27, 2007

New socks

Well, just started my X-mas knitting yesterday by casting on a sock in Sock Hop Satisfaction. I had originally got this yarn back in May, by getting a friend to camp on the website, since I was camping that weekend the yarn was on sale. I had 3 colors in mind, this is what he managed to get.

Sock Hop, ver 2It's a lot pinker than I expected from the picture (Click on Satisfaction above). I was hoping for more reds. But since they're for mom, it doesn't really matter; I just hope she likes pink. But she'll like them anyways, since I made them; moms are nice that way :D

I'm doing a plain stockinette, since the yarn provides pattern enough on its own. I originally tried 72 stitches, but 64 seems to be working better; I'll know in another inch or two when I can try it on past the ball of my foot. I'm doing toe up, since I prefer that method with special yarns, so I can use them up. Although from what I've seen on January One, 1 skein will get me nearly a knee-high, so if I end up with enough left over, I'll either use it as part of a second pair, or will see if I can get anklets or something from it. Using 2 mm needles that I got as part of a sock needle set down at Windsor Buttons in Boston while I was there for the first week of October.