Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, go figure... was searching for knitting needles, and found the bloody pattern for my shawl (in profile picture). Was sitting on top of my basket under a bag of stuff. While I facepalm, since that was a result of my 'cleaning' a few weeks ago, I'm very happy to have found it again.

I've also been brewing ideas for more socks.... got one started that's gone through 2 patterns, then ripped... now I'm thinking my first 2-color project.... white cables on a colored background... Still have another sock on the go, the blueish one, and have the yellow/brown waiting to go on the needles again. Then there's the 2 shirts in progress :P

Just waiting for work to download, then back at that for the day.... and a friend in Ohio wants to commission me for kilt hose for him, soon as he gets his tax return in another week or two. So I'm hoping to spend part of tomorrow fondling yarns so I can choose one :) He wants it simple, but I'm gonna throw in a couple cables or braids for my own sanity, so I don't get bored from nothing but knit stitches like the last kneehighs I did. I'm also thinking of asking to get those back, and possibly frogging those and redoing them. My brain can't seem to wrap around the fact that socks need to be made *smaller* so that they stretch around the foot. So I'd likely subtract at least a good inch, maybe 1.5, from the circumference of her socks all the way down.

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