Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm obviously not too good at keeping this updated, eh?

I'm making kneehigh piggy-toe socks for my friend's birthday. I started them once I got her measurements on Xmas eve, and am about halfway down the gussets of the second sock. I got a lot of knitting done today. I stopped the first sock a little short of the toe section, as I want to make sure I get the toes the same, as I've never done separate toes before.

I'm knitting these in Kroy Socks - Paint Box on 2.5 and 2.25 mm needles. I'm hoping to get to the same spot as the first sock tonight, then work on the toes tomorrow. I hope to hand these to her Thursday night, as I'm unable to make her party this weekend. Her birthday's the 12th.

After that, I got a few projects lined up. I got my Dicentra yarn in Kingsfoil from Crown Mountain Farms last Friday, and bought a set of 5 Pony 2 mm needles today, and am on the second row of ribbing to try grumperina's Jaywalkers. I'm trying for the larger size, given the smaller needles. I'm not sure if this yarn will work in that pattern, but I'll frog it if necessary.

I also bought yarn today for the Peacock Feathers shawl, which will be my first foray into lace. Might as well jump in deep. I bought 2 balls of Zephyr in Basil; after I got back home, I realized there was a color called Peacock, but I don't think the store had it, as there was only a smallish basket of the Zephyr. I must see if she'll order in some for me.

The store is Tangled Skeins in Dartmouth, and I've only been going there the last 3 weeks or so, but I hope to build a rapport there with the 'regulars' as it were. I'm on the shy side, but I'd really like to become part of the knitting community around here.

Well, back to these gussets. I hope to get pictures of the finished socks Thursday evening when I present them.

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