Monday, December 18, 2006

Well, the knitting continues. Got the first of the two-color wool socks done tonight at sewing night, and I think I'll start my sister's anklets, get the first done in that. That way, if the worst happens, I can hand em each the one sock as an IOU for their mates.

Still no pictures so far, as I forgot to take what I have so far to my friend's for her to take pictures. :( I was concentrating too much on getting this sock done. Will try to get the socks back after Xmas to get pictures of them.

My sister's anklets will be done in Eco-Fil, which is 75/25 cotton/acrylic.

Bedtime now.

New life...

Well, let's breathe some new life into this blog, shall we?

This was the first blog I tried out, as evidenced by my first 3 posts from just over a year ago. I've since gotten into LiveJournal, and have been posting there since February.

However, last week I decided to learn to knit socks, and have discovered a whole world out there involving socks. I've decided that LJ just wasn't a suitable method for talking about my knitting, as it's going to take over my life for the next several months, I feel. So that will be for the rest of my adventures, and this will be for pretty much knitting, spinning that turns into knitting, and maybe some crocheting if I get around to doing much.

I saw a lady on the 9th at a Salvation Army kettle at the store knitting socks, and for some reason, this really grabbed me, although I've looked at socks before and thought them too complicated. But I've slowly been increasing my skill in knitting, learning increases and decreases last year, and felt I wanted to learn socks now.

I bought yarn and needles (my first time on DPNs) on the 10th, started my first sock around 6pm, and 24 hours later was ready to turn the heel. Helped that work's been really slow this last week, so I got a couple hours done Monday at work. Took me 4 times to turn the heel with a friend's help, and finished the toe Tuesday at work, and got the second sock finished Wed evening. It was on 4 mm needles, in Patons Classic Wool, dark grey. I used Canadian Living's Amazing Feets pattern, size large. I hope to get pictures up sooner or later; I don't have a digital camera yet :(

Then I started some socks in Bernat Cool Crochet, a cotton/nylon blend, on 3.25 mm needles. They're my Ice Cream socks, as I used Neopolitan with the ribbing, heel and toe in Chocolate. I decided to make this pattern up, basing it on gauge and my measurements. It was my first time using 2 colors, and learning the short row heel.

I have the first halfway done, then realized how soon Xmas is coming up, so started's Fetching pattern in Bernat Satin Sapphire on the 4mm needles. I got the left hand finished Saturday, then started what I thought was the right hand, but realized later that night that it was another left hand; I'd turned the cables the wrong direction. So after thinking about it for a while, I put that glove on another set of needles to hold it, and started the right-hand glove from the other end of the yarn. Got that finished yesterday (Sunday) after about 5 hours of knitting. They go to my father's wife for Xmas.

I gave myself and my needles 5 minutes of a break while I got water, then cast on another sock in the Classic Wool for my sister's fiance. 4mm needles, 48 stitches. Started that about 6:30 last night, using dark blue for the ribbing, heel and toe and light grey for the body. I'm about to turn the heel now. I'm using a short row heel for this one, as I prefer it to the flap. It looks like another day without any work, so I get paid to knit! Gotta love it. I hope the week turns out this way.

I still have a pair of anklets to make for my sister after this, so here's hoping I have time here at work to get those done.

Nothing like jumping in with both feet (hah!) eh?